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Moon Diary (Diario Lunar)

Moon Diary (Diario Lunar)

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MOON DIARY (Spanish edition)

Learn how to read and track your cycle with your moon diary 


What's included:

  • "Instructions for Cycling" welcome by Gudgal
  • Lunar Mandala and instructions to track metrics of the physical and emotional body, social, sexual, nutritional aspects and more.
  • Guide to identifying fertility biomarkers: cervical mucus, basal temperature, cervix. *To be used as a contraceptive method - must be supplemented with personalized follow-up by a certified educator.
  • 12 perpetual Lunar Mandalas
  • 12 Observation sheets for cervical mucus, bleeding, basal temperature, cervix, etc.
  • New Menarche Ritual
  • 5 Proposals to Re-Recognize our Cycle, uterus, vulva, breasts, hormones, biomarkers
  • Lunar Cyclicality in relation to the menstrual cycle. Lunar phases, available energy, associated seasons, mood and physical variations.
  • Explanation of the menstrual, preovulatory, ovulatory, and premenstrual phase
  • Ovarian cycle explanation
  • Cycle and productivity
  • Astrological cycles
  • Harvest closure ritual
  • Guide zone to rest on paper; a space for exploration and expression of our creative intimacy
  • 100 blank pages for journaling, expanding the record, drawing, writing dreams, and more!
  • 12 Cards to set intentions on the New Moon of each sign. Illustrated by Martina Cúneo

Why is so important to track your cycle?

  • Recognize mood, sexual, and physical variations in each phase.
  • Know days of higher productivity and physical performance.
  • Understand the functioning of hormones and record in case of any imbalance.
  • Prevent pain.
  • Identify days with patterns (acne, increased appetite, cravings, thirst, increased libido, etc.).
  • Set intentions, plan projects, schedule meetings, or outings in harmony with the energy of your phases.
  • Connect with your bleeding, recognize the appearance and variations of the flow.
  • Enhance creativity.
  • Being on paper allows full focus without distractions from notifications or screen activity.
  • As an intimate space, it can be used to channel your emotions, thoughts, and recognize how they vary throughout each phase.


For a long time, our menstruation was considered a taboo or secret topic where we forced ourselves to function linearly and distanced ourselves from all the potential that our Cyclical Nature offers us. Here we are to connect with it! In turn, the menstrual cycle is an indicator of the state of our health; if you are experiencing any imbalance, this tool can be very useful to lovingly delve into your process.

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